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In the material handling industry, the quality of your equipment matters so you can produce the best product. You need the best machinery to keep your plant running effectively and efficiently to maximize production and profitability. When it comes time to expand your operation or replace a piece that may not function as well as you need it to, used equipment can be a cost-effective way to do so. But where can you find high-quality equipment that's reliable and worth the investment?

If you are looking to expand your plant or upgrade to better equipment, choose Kemper Equipment to help you get the best used material handling equipment on the market.

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There are many aspects to consider when you choose to purchase used equipment, and they can feel overwhelming or daunting if you navigate the situation alone. You deserve a knowledgeable material handling solutions partner to ensure you are getting the right equipment for your operation's needs, and you will find that in Kemper Equipment.

Revamping an existing system, building a new production plant, expanding a current system, or getting engineering help for an equipment design is easy when you work with us. We have the expertise and over forty years of experience to guide you by purchasing the best used modular or mobile material handling equipment. You can rest assured that you are getting the best quality for your money.



Does your aggregate production need a rock crusher? They are crucial for material processing, but choosing the wrong type of equipment can add unnecessary costs to your output and cause issues in the rest of your material handling system. You must decide between a portable or a stationary crusher.

We can help you choose from several distinct types to get exactly what you need. Cone, impact, jaw, and gyratory crushers are some examples of the crushers we have worked with for the benefit of many aggregate productions.

used screens


For a more efficient, profitable operation, screening equipment can mean the difference between well-sorted and processed materials and inconsistent sizing that leaves your customers unsatisfied with your product.

When you incorporate screens into your system, you can rely less on your grinders or crushers to perform repeatedly, instead only passing the material through the crusher again after it's been sorted from those materials that are the correct size. Let Kemper Equipment help you find the screening equipment that will work for your operation today.

portable plant equipment


If you're looking for more flexibility and cost savings in your current operations, portable plant equipment might be the solution you need. As mobile plants continue to rise in popularity, it is easy to see the benefits they bring—from being exceptionally economical to the flexibility to move from job site to job site, taking your high-quality equipment with you.

Portable plants are also convenient for adding capacity when meeting specific contract requirements or changing seasonal demands that require more equipment. Best of all, there are mobile options for most types of material handling equipment, including crushers, screening equipment, and washing equipment.

used washing equipment


Are you having trouble with excess foreign materials in your product? Do you need help with sizing, classifying, or separating the product? Removing dirt, clay, silt, and other undesirables from your products is much easier by using high-quality washing equipment. Washing equipment is truly the star of the show, as it is necessary for product sizing of the highest quality and uniformity.

Washing equipment comes in many forms, including stationary and portable options, so you have options for what works best for your operation. When you need new wash equipment or a retrofit into an existing system, we can help you choose based on your needs and budget.

Do You Have Questions About Leasing Equipment vs. Buying?

Are you concerned about the cost of purchasing used material handling equipment and more interested in leasing equipment? Rentals can seem appealing with rapidly evolving industry demands and advances in material handling technologies. If you are unsure of what's suitable for your operation, please contact us today. At Kemper Equipment, we can help you determine what will work best for your production needs.

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