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Whether you're building a new production plant, revamping an existing system, need engineering help on a mining equipment design project, or upgrading your aggregate equipment, trust Kemper to deliver effective aggregate design solutions. Our knowledgeable and experienced design-and-build team of engineers will put together the right system for your unique operation that maximizes your production and reduces your costs.

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System Design for Production of These Materials and More

Kemper has the design and build experience to create a custom design for your job site. From portable plants and conveyor systems to a complete circuit crushing and screening system, we'll put our broad industry knowledge to work, helping you simplify your decisions and achieve your production goals for a variety of materials, including:

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We can meet your aggregate equipment design needs to optimize output when producing crushed stone, gravel, or aggregate.

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Sand & Gravel

Are you producing sand or extracting it? Selling it or using it to create another finished product? We can design the sand equipment you need.



Get solutions for producing lime for agricultural, lawn, gardening and other uses. Talk to us about custom-designed aggregate equipment.

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Recycling asphalt can be quite profitable thanks to a plentiful supply. Can your crushing and screening equipment properly size the material for use?

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Kemper Equipment has the experience necessary to build custom designs for your fertilizer production operation.

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Does your plant mine and move rock for salt production? Kemper Equipment is ready to consult on optimizing your output.

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Coal mining and production require high-efficiency mining equipment to remain profitable. We can help you achieve your project goals with coal.

Why Work With Kemper Equipment

Kemper Equipment has successfully completed thousands of aggregate and mineral processing system designs and engineering projects, including retrofits, new aggregate production plant installations, and railcar and barge loading/unloading aggregate conveyor systems integrations.

Every member of our highly-trained staff knows what it takes to extract material, break it down into usable product, and get it to market efficiently and cost-effectively. Our team will be with you every step of the way, providing complete aggregate solutions that match your application.

Put our experience to work for you and let Kemper Equipment build the right system for your needs.

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An effective design is essential for a business to run both smoothly and profitably. At Kemper, we have the know-how and the experience to design and build a system for you that will work to the unique needs of your business. Let Kemper help you with all your custom crushing, screening, conveyor and wash systems questions and concerns.

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Types of Systems We Design

Kemper's innovative designs have made production of aggregates and minerals easier for decades. We want our clients to feel satisfied that their operation is running as smoothly and effectively as possible, and our designed and built systems give producers that satisfaction. We have a variety of solutions spanning these different systems.

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Crushing and Screening Systems

It may seem simple to break down rock and sort it to just the right size, but you need the perfect combination of crushing and screening equipment in a system or circuit to make your products to specification requirements. Kemper has been consulting and engineering material handling systems for almost 40 years. We know what works, what doesn't work, and what you need to stay online. Let our custom systems take your production up a notch.

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Conveyor Systems

Conveyors can move your material through your site for processing, across roadways, over water, to and from railcars and barges—exactly where you need it to go. Whether you need a transfer conveyor, overland conveyor, unloading or loading system, or stacker, conveyors transport product through tight spaces or challenging topography with minimal damage or impact to the environment. Many times, moving products with conveyor systems costs less than running trucks with drivers.

Conveyor Systems Check out our Conveyor Resume
Mineral Processing System

Mineral Processing Systems

Kemper has had experience in many industries, including chemical limestone, fertilizer, sulfur, coal, and mineral processing. We've worked with producers across the United States, helping them combine and produce proprietary products that keep America moving. Need above 1,000 TPH? We can handle it. No problem. We solve your unique production issues with our effective systems designs.

Washing Equipment Photo

Washing and Classifying Systems

Kemper Equipment represents the best wash equipment to help customers with their wash, dewatering, fines recovery, and classifying needs. If you need to wash sand, separate fines, or recover water at your operation, look at one of these systems from Kemper. Wash and classify equipment keep you in compliance with environmental regulations while cleaning, sorting, or drying products to your specifications.

Wash Plants
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How We've Helped Our Clients – Case Studies

Kemper has helped many businesses design custom material handling and processing systems for their unique needs.

Case Study Image #1

Case Study 1

“When a PA-based sand producer Eureka came to Kemper Equipment for consultation, we listened to their requirements to solve their production problem. We worked closely with REMCO to design a custom-built VSI that would meet the demands of Eureka’s project. For the client’s specific needs, we recommended a REMCO 4060 ST/AR VSI, with a 36” feed conveyor. The producer is so confident in the profitability of their new VSI that they’re allowing their competitors to see the machine in action.”

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Case Study Image #2

Case Study 2

“Site limitations, the cost of loading and haul equipment, safety and municipal approvals, and more all factor in when determining the best method to transport your material in your operation. Many times the cost to transport with conveyors is less than the cost of new rolling stock and truck driving labor. Kemper Equipment is leading the charge in showing how conveyors are better than truck transport.”

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Case Study Image #3

Case Study 3

“After running almost two years with the incorrect plant and configuration, our PA-based aggregate producer customer was very anxious to have a new system up and running to make up for lost production. Kemper got to work quickly, installing a NEW 2 phase plant that utilizes Terex MPS crushing and screening equipment, a Kemper custom 80-ton live dump hopper station, surge tunnel station, and over two dozen conveyors.”

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