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Whether your aggregate production plant needs to move products over land, across roadways or water, or directly to a destination, Kemper Equipment has customized aggregate conveyor solutions that will save labor and maintenance costs associated with traditional truck hauling. Ready to discover more about custom aggregate conveyor systems to revolutionize your material handling business? Kemper Equipment is a world-leader among design and build aggregate conveyor manufacturers.

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Our Expertise as Aggregate Conveyor Specialists

Kemper Equipment specializes in custom-designed, automated aggregate conveyor systems that bring numerous cost savings—and safety benefits—to aggregate mining operations.

We've been helping quarries, mining operations, and asphalt companies improve efficiency, save money, and move product faster since 1981.

Aggregate conveyor systems offer numerous benefits versus truck transport. For starters, they are not reliant on fuel costs that can fluctuate drastically. Additionally, aggregate conveyors are flexible and able to transport materials to destinations trucks can't access.

You can deploy several aggregate conveyor types within an operation to meet your project goals. And, high-quality, customized conveyors are designed to stand the test of time—from a longevity standpoint, you can expect your conveyor system to last for decades.

Read our success story about how we helped a Pennsylvania construction aggregate producer drastically improve production with the installation of a custom Kemper Equipment-designed system, including over two dozen aggregate conveyors!

Aggregate Conveyor Types

We source our aggregate conveyors and conveyor components from only the best conveyor companies in the business. And for many years, we have custom-designed and built aggregate conveyor systems to meet the needs associated with quarrying, mining, and mineral processing operations. These are just some of the aggregate conveyors we typically install.

Radial Stacker

Radial Stacking Conveyors

Radial stackers feature a pivot stand beneath the loading hopper, allowing for easy setup of additional equipment feeding into them. They also allow material to be stored in an arc to increase storage capacity and reduce material handling time. Radial stackers can move up to 4,000 tons of material per hour (TPH) using different belt widths in a variety of lengths.

Overland Conveyor

Overland Conveyors

Overland conveyors can move material over sizeable distances and varying terrains while conveying as much as 6,000 TPH. Standard widths are 30 to 84 inches. These conveyors provide an economical alternative to trucking options through their reduced labor requirements. Overland conveyors also support compliance with environmental regulations by eliminating emissions and minimizing dust, noise, and site traffic.

Transfer Conveyor

Transfer Conveyors

The most significant advantage of transfer conveyors is the ability to manage a wide capacity range of different bulk materials—versatility is truly the name of the game with conveyor transfer systems. These systems solve tricky changes in elevation, turns in the system's path, or transition between other conveyor types. Transfer conveyors are useful for rounded aggregate materials that lack a flat bottom.

Railcar Conveyor System

Railcar Unloading Conveyor

Used for loading or unloading, railcar unloading conveyors are typically compact, which generally requires a smaller belt to move material. These aggregate conveyors are available in different belt widths, chassis formats, and can also incorporate pressure or vacuum systems to make the loading and unloading process fast and efficient. Additionally, many railcar conveyors are telescopic.

Barge Conveyor Systems

Barge Loading Conveyor

Barge loading conveyors incorporate the same features as railcar conveyors, but typically feature larger belts to support transport of higher volumes of aggregate material.

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How We've Helped Our Clients – Case Studies

Case Study Image #1

Case Study 1

"When a PA-based sand producer Eureka came to Kemper Equipment for consultation, we listened to their requirements to solve their production problem. We worked closely with REMCO to design a custom-built VSI that would meet the demands of Eureka's project. For the client's specific needs, we recommended a REMCO 4060 ST/AR VSI, with a 36" feed conveyor. The producer is so confident in the profitability of their new VSI that they're allowing their competitors to see the machine in action."

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Case Study Image #2

Case Study 2

"Site limitations, the cost of loading and haul equipment, safety and municipal approvals, and more all factor in when determining the best method to transport your material in your operation. Many times the cost to transport with conveyors is less than the cost of new rolling stock and truck driving labor. Kemper Equipment is leading the charge in showing how conveyors are better than truck transport."

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Case Study Image #3

Case Study 3

"After running almost two years with the incorrect plant and configuration, our PA-based aggregate producer customer was very anxious to have a new system up and running to make up for lost production. Kemper got to work quickly, installing a NEW 2 phase plant that utilizes Terex MPS crushing and screening equipment, a Kemper custom 80-ton live dump hopper station, surge tunnel station, and over two dozen conveyors."

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