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WS Tyler Demo Successful

Braving cold temperatures and tornado warnings, Kemper Equipment customers came out April 21 and 23 to see the Hydroclean in action.

These hands on demonstrations gave producers the chance to see how the Hydroclean unit efficiently washed low value dirty product to produce a clean marketable product.

Unlike traditional washing systems that can require as many as three screens along with a log washer or screw, the producer only needs an additional wash screen for the Hydro-Clean’s discharged material. The washer comes in three model sizes that process 18 to 360 tons per hour and uses 75 percent less water than traditional log washers.

“The Haver and Kemper partnership brings problem-solving technology to the customer,” says Greg Donecker, president of Kemper Equipment. “The Hydro-Clean has a lower operating cost compared to traditional “clay removal” washing equipment. This system, along with Kemper’s understanding of plant flows and local structural design and fabrication gives the customer the ability to turn a low-dollar product into a more valuable saleable product.”

Temperatures at one of the demos were below the normal operating range of the machine, yet the unit was able to effectively clean the material.

Live Demo of the Hydro-Clean Wash Unit
Live Demo of the Hydro-Clean Wash Unit