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How To Choose Impact Crushers and Screeners to Produce Superior Recycled Asphalt Products

Asphalt is constantly in high demand, with recycled asphalt as the most recycled product on the market. If you are in the asphalt recycling business, you likely already know how the demand for this aggregate product has only increased over time and how it will continue to increase in the future.

If you are hoping to expand your current operation to include the capability to recycle asphalt, then you need to be able to choose the right equipment for the job! The experts at Kemper Equipment can help you find the right impact crushers and screeners for your recycled asphalt needs.

What Is Recycled Asphalt?

While you may look for more thorough information about asphalt and why it matters, the basic definition is this. Recycled asphalt is exactly that, asphalt that has been removed from currently paved surfaces is broken down and reused in new asphalt projects. Asphalt surfaces can last for about 15 to 20 years with good care and maintenance before they need to be recycled.

What Role Do Impact Crushers and Screeners Play in Recycled Asphalt Production?

Producers must take the existing asphalt and break it up to be recycled. Impact crushers and screeners are necessary for this process as they physically separate the bonds between the material in the reclaimed asphalt pavement, also known as RAP. Once broken up and separated, the material is used in a new asphalt mixture, usually made up of the RAP, additional liquid asphalt, and virgin aggregates.

When adding recycled crushed asphalt to your new asphalt mixture, you can minimize how much liquid asphalt you need in your new mixture because there is residual liquid asphalt within the RAP. Because of this quality, you also enjoy the added benefit of furthering sustainability practices in asphalt production.

What Are Some Advantages of Using Recycled Asphalt?

Asphalt is a part of many different types of projects, from building foundations to the roads that span our entire nation. Because this material is critical in our everyday lives, it is always in demand. The fact that it can be 100% recycled and endlessly renewable makes asphalt an extremely valuable material in many industries. According to the National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA), asphalt is one of the most recycled aggregate materials in the USA. Recyclability is a highly prized trait in a world where accessing raw materials is increasingly harder, and people are more concerned about sustainable practices.

However, it is not only sustainable; RAP is also a money-saving material with a high potential for profitability, which is why so many manufacturers are looking toward the growth this market offers. Some states even have requirements in place for the percentage of RAP needed in any project!

Why Does the Machinery You Use in Recycling Asphalt Matter?

As with any other part of your business, you want the best. And when you want the best RAP products for your customers, you need the right machinery to get the job done correctly. Impact crushers combined with screening equipment will give you the best end product, but what type of impact crusher you use will be unique to your operation.

Impact crushers are crucial in RAP production, and choosing the correct one for your needs is just as essential. There are two kinds of crushers you may use for your particular application.

  • Mobile Impact Crushers – If you require on-site recycling or have a smaller recycling operation, a mobile impact crusher might be the best tool for your application. These machines are best for smaller recycling applications with smaller productions.
  • Stationary Impact Crushers – Larger operations often need larger machinery, including stationary impact crushers. If you have big production goals or add asphalt recycling to your current operations, a stationary impact crusher may be more in line with your performance needs.

Suppose you aren’t using the appropriate machinery for the type of work you want to do. In that case, you risk underperforming or overworking machinery that isn’t designed for the workload you have in mind. Speak with the professionals today to ensure you are utilizing the right machinery for your desired production capacity!

Do You Need Help Choosing Impact Crushers and Screeners for Recycling Asphalt?

If you are ready to upgrade your current equipment or just getting into the business of recycling asphalt, you deserve the best system on the market. When you work with the experts at Kemper Equipment, you will quickly discover we have been working with, designing, and building asphalt recycling systems for maximum output and profitability for decades. Contact us today for help with choosing the best impact crushers and screeners for your recycled asphalt production needs.


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