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All About Screen and Crusher Parts and Maintenance

Crushing and screening equipment are undoubtedly two of the most important aspects of construction and material handling operations. The efficiency of your crusher and screening equipment will ensure the rest of your process runs smoothly and with minimal maintenance. This equipment receives harsh wear from the material it’s processing, so planning parts replacement and maintenance will keep your crushers and screens running smoothly.  You can do this with a preventative maintenance and part replacement plan.

Replacing screen parts and media

Your screening equipment will be pivotal in sorting out different sizes of aggregate, giving you a chance to further reduce larger pieces and move small pieces along the production line.  Making sure your screen media is installed and wearing properly will improve your screening efficiency and help to create the specific products you need to supply.  Many types of screen media can be used depending on your needs including wire cloth, urethane, rubber and modular screen panels. Screen parts that regularly wear and need replaced are: wire cloth, urethan media, hardware clamps, rails, bolts and channel rubber.

Replacing crusher parts and manganese

Crushing equipment provides mining, aggregate and mineral processing, and recycling plants—among others—the means to turn raw material into something sellable. They are the workhorses of any material handling operation and take the most wear and tear, as material enters the crusher as a raw product and is processed with crushing and screening to bring it down to size, sort it and perhaps mix it with other materials before becoming a marketable product.

Because crushers mainly use impact or metal on metal movement to crush or crunch the raw product down to size, major wear is always a concern and the parts and manganese used on crushers should be inspected and replaced regularly.  In some instances, foreign objects enter crushers and damage the parts that make them work properly.  Crusher parts that actively wear and need replace regularly are HSI and VSI crusher parts, blow bars, liners, shoes and anvils, manganese, crusher backing, filters, jaw dies, cone parts and toggle plates.

Believe in Preventative Maintenance!

Regularly inspecting your equipment for productivity, wear and tear, and damage will help you keep your production amounts up while keeping costs down.  Just like you have your lawnmower or snow blower serviced before the summer or winter seasons, having a preventative maintenance plan in place allows you to schedule downtime to change out and replace parts when you need them BEFORE a breakdown occurs.  Without a plan in place, you may be forced to shut down your plant to replace parts without warning.  This could result in days of downtime when you can’t produce the products you need for your projects or your customers.

Training to maintain your equipment can be done in multiple ways.  Read the owner’s manuals for every piece of equipment in your plant.  Work with the equipment dealer/installer at startup to understand how to operate your crushers and screens efficiently.  Talk with your equipment and parts supplier about brand name OEM parts or aftermarket parts – their benefits – and how many parts to order or keep on hand for regular maintenance. While aftermarket parts are plentiful and many times, less expensive, they may not wear as well and are normally not covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.  Brand name parts will fit perfectly and are covered under warranty but typically cost more.  Would you replace the parts in your Ford pickup with Ford parts or a knockoff?  It’s your call but will ultimately affect your production, budget and bottom line.

Better with Kemper

Kemper Equipment provides customers with crusher and screen parts as well as regular maintenance through our ROCKSTAR service program.  Our inside parts team and outside service professionals have decades of experience in the material handling industry.  We can help you plan a regular maintenance schedule, troubleshoot an existing breakdown or production challenge and solve your production issues with replacement parts that get you back to business.

Our factory and MSHA trained service team can come to your site, inspect our crushers and screens, train your employees on how to maintain equipment and replace parts or replace parts for you.  Simply contact service today for more information on our ROCKSTAR inspection and maintenance program: or call 610-273-2066 x 331