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When You need Portable Equipment for Crushing, Recycling, and Screening

A successful operation, whether it be crushing, screening, recycling, or a mixture of the three, doesn’t necessarily require a large and expensive processing plant. In fact, many successful companies that work in the aforementioned areas often find that mobility is key to their success, rather than a stationary plant.

Read on to discover the basics of portable equipment as we highlight some of the reasons you may want to consider it for your operation.

Portable plant essentials

Portable plants have been around for years, but it wasn’t until the last few that they reached their peak. Portable plants require very little space, which means they’re easy to transport and can be used in a variety of configurations to suit your needs. Mobile plants, especially portable crushing plants, are common in mining fields and urban construction waste job sites. They offer an improved production capacity and environmental protection—ideal for companies looking to minimize their impact on the environment.

One of the primary advantages of these plants and equipment, besides their mobility, is that they allow for a multitude of configurations. You can switch up the order of your crushing and screening equipment if the need arises, which is a huge convenience for companies who want to remain adaptable. Further, because mobile plants are mounted on truck frames or other moving frames, they’re able to move the final product to its destination once the work is completed.

Your business requires you to move to different sites frequently

Your work may take you to a number of sites in a given week. Having portable equipment allows you to wrap up work at one site, perform any routine maintenance, and then head over to the next site the same day—with plenty of time to get work done. Stationary plants require more equipment and vehicles if they need to travel between sites, and sticking with a portable setup will give you the freedom to take your equipment where you need it without the expensive overhead of extra vehicles or high fuel costs.

You’re looking for equipment that’s reliable and performs efficiently for your needs

Portable crushers, for example, include three different crushing machines (or three different stages), with each being responsible for a specific function or feature. Jaw crushers are the primary crushing equipment used in portable crushing plants, which are known for their quality, efficiency, and multi-functionality. Even better, they’re designed to be strong and withstand performance in a wide range of industry sectors, making them reliable for portable operations.

You want to lower operating costs

When you cut out expenses for transportation, you save a lot of money—and that’s exactly what portable plants can offer you. Being able to crush, screen, or perform other necessary material handling tasks on site and use that piece of equipment to transport the product (either to its destination or a truck) requires significantly lower costs overall. Not only that, but mobile equipment can lower processing costs as well. The initial investment is also much lower than building a stationary plant, which helps you preserve capital for other expenses like maintenance.

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Your operation benefits from versatility and flexible equipment configurations

A portable crushing plant can perform a number of tasks, including crushing, pre-screening, and even fine screening, making them highly versatile. Most mobile material handling equipment can be arranged in a number of configurations, so you can adjust your operation on the go—without the expensive costs of purchasing and installing a new piece of equipment. This also allows operations with access to portable plants to handle a broader range of applications, which is ideal for cutting costs and maintaining overall efficiency when you’re in the field.

There’s a lot to gain from switching to portable equipment, but it won’t suit every business. Consider your operational needs and budget, and ask yourself if any of the above is incentive enough to make the switch. Kemper Equipment provides support for a variety of material handling equipment, including portable pieces, so if you’re searching for the right equipment for your portable plant, contact us today and we’ll help you figure out the perfect configuration for the job. You can also give us a call at 610-595-9695.