A mining equipment setup showing various types of machinery used in the mining process.

How Will You Decide Whether to Replace or Repair Your Quarry Equipment?

When you manage quarry equipment, you know that eventually, you will have to either repair or replace something on the machines. This process doesn’t have to be frustrating, as you can plan for what will happen if you do have a breakdown to minimize any potential downtime.

At Kemper Equipment, we have a few tips on how to decide if you should repair or replace your equipment and the considerations you can make before you get to that point to help ease you into the decision.

Have You Considered Downtime and the Cost of Both Options?

There are many possible frustrations about owning mineral processing equipment. When something breaks down, it can feel like your entire production must grind to a halt before you can even think about what’s gone wrong. Having some plans for what you will do before you experience an equipment failure can help you in the long run.

Replacement Considerations

Think about how much downtime your operation can afford. A total quarry equipment replacement will typically require more downtime than a repair. When you are replacing your equipment, you must think about getting new or used machinery, and both of those have different costs in the future. With new equipment, you can expect a more significant expense upfront, with fewer repairs in the immediate future. Remember that replacing crushing, screening, and conveying equipment can mean replacing just one part of the system, or the entire system, depending on what’s gone wrong.

Repair Considerations

Used equipment may come a bit cheaper, but it may also need repairs more quickly. Then, of course, there is the cost of the repairs or the replacement parts themselves. If you opt to repair your equipment, you will likely have less downtime and fewer expenses, but you may also encounter more issues later unless you choose the ROCKSTAR service from our experts at Kemper Equipment for your repairs.

Unlike many other aspects of business, ROCKSTAR service helps you plan for the cost of your quarry machine repairs or replacements before disaster strikes. When you rely on our services, we can bring our expert knowledge to your site and install, set up, or repair most types of aggregate, quarry, or other mineral processing equipment. Ease your business into downtime and the costs of repairs by having a contingency plan that fits your company’s needs.

How Often Will Your Machinery Need These Repairs?

Production plants understand that some of their equipment will have more wear and tear associated with them, depending on their industry. For example, if your open-pit mining operation utilizes crushers and screening equipment, you can expect that your crushers will need repairs much more frequently than your screening equipment.

Having realistic expectations about how often you will need to replace parts or perform repairs on your equipment can help you soften the blow when the time comes. You and your production managers know what is best for your operation, so discuss what you think will work for your business when the inevitable happens.

Do You Have a Custom-Built Plant?

When you have a plant designed and built to maximize your production, it may make more sense to repair the equipment rather than replace the entire setup—especially if the equipment was a newer update. When your custom quarry equipment maximizes your production’s output needs, if you substitute one machine, you may end up needing to replace others that haven’t broken down yet to fit in with the existing system.

It is much more cost-effective to repair an existing system when that system is designed specifically for your production. Don’t cost your business more time and money because you want replacement equipment unless you absolutely must.

How Old Is the Quarry Equipment?

Knowing the age of your equipment is essential for deciding what you should do if there is a breakdown. Like most things in life, mining machines tend to get worn down as they age. It doesn’t matter how often or well you maintain your mineral processing equipment; it will eventually wear down. Older equipment may need more extensive repairs than newer equipment, so you could end up paying almost as much in repairs as it would cost to buy new equipment—especially if there are frequent breakdowns.

So, when you have older equipment, it may be time for an upgrade. If you know that your equipment is getting older and might need a replacement soon anyway, you may want to start planning how to budget for that in case you do need an upgrade. Contact our experts at Kemper Equipment to help you design and build a custom production system today.

Remember to Consider Safety

Safety is often a factor in quarry equipment manufacturers’ decision to repair or replace their machinery. If your equipment poses safety hazards, you may want to upgrade to newer, safer equipment. Crushing, screening, and conveying equipment manufacturers are adding more safety features to newer equipment every day.

Want to Speak with The Experts on Replacing and Repairing Quarry Equipment?

It can be challenging to choose between repairing and replacing your production’s quarry equipment. Many considerations go into the choice, and it can feel overwhelming if you are unsure of what to do. Let our experts at Kemper Equipment help you make the best decision for your mineral processing machines! We have helped producers make the ideal choices for their machinery across many industries. Get in touch with us today.