A photo of Terex material screening equipment.

How Can My Material Screening Equipment Cut Costs for My Business?

When you run a mineral processing business, you want to reduce the cost of operations as much as possible to maximize profits. But how can you do that by adding more equipment to your production? Material screening equipment might very well be the solution you are looking for. At Kemper Equipment, we help businesses set up the most efficient and cost-effective systems to maximize profit and minimize downtime, and that often includes material screening equipment for a full circuit system.

Why Should I Use Material Screening Equipment?

Some businesses rely on their grinders to do all the work. After all, crushers do a fine job of crushing materials into a smaller size. So, some producers think they can just keep crushing all their materials over and over until everything has reached the desired size for market demands.

Mechanical screening equipment can make this process much more efficient, however. While it may seem like the best choice to keep passing your materials through a crusher to produce your final product, you are costing yourself more in the long run than you would be if you had a screener.

The crusher must work twice as hard when you keep recycling the same material to be ground repeatedly, and it doesn’t have the screening equipment necessary for uniform sizing of the materials. When you have a screener and a crusher, you have a full circuit system that is much more efficient at producing and separating materials into the right sizes—saving time and fuel costs.

What Types of Screening Equipment Is There?

We go into detail about screening equipment in another blog, but screening equipment typically comes in two forms. You can either have horizontal or inclined screen designs. Horizontal screens are used towards the end of the process, often as the final screens, because the material stays on them longer and sifts through more slowly.

Inclined screens operate at 10-to-35-degree angles and utilize gravity to help filter the materials as they travel down the screen. Inclined screens are often stationary and because they require no movement to work, they are even more fuel-efficient.

What Are the Benefits of Using Screening Equipment?

Screening equipment is a crucial part of the process that sorts materials down into sellable product. The most significant benefit to using a screener is its cost-cutting in the machine handling process, but it also has other benefits for your production.

1. Screening equipment minimizes cost of wear and fuel. Screeners have far fewer high wear parts and require less energy to operate than recrushing. Crushers require much more power to function, and simply using screening equipment and only recrushing what you must instead of doing it all a second time will save you both money and time.

Crushers have far more parts that wear down, and when you are using them more than you need to, you are increasing your own wear parts replacement costs. While adding material screening equipment to your process might be a significant expense at first, it will eventually begin to be a cost-saving expenditure.

2. Screening equipment separates different sized materials into usable product. When screening equipment is used in conjunction with a crusher, your production line can easily separate the material that needs to be ground down and the material that is ready to be treated as a final product.

Using screening equipment however ensures that you are getting a consistent product across the board. This consistency will improve your sales and customer satisfaction because they will come to expect spec product from your business each time they order and have their expectations met.

Screening equipment is also highly versatile and can be used across industries, including aggregate processing, mining, recycling, or even farming and agriculture. So whether you have the need for a gravel screening machine or a crop screening system, we can design a screening equipment system for you.

Ready to Get Screener Equipment for Your Business?

After you’ve seen the different ways that screening equipment will save you on costs and improve your production efficiency, you are ready to include some in your process, and Kemper Equipment is prepared to help! Let our experts design and build a complete circuit system that will work for you. We have experience designing and building whole circuit systems for various industries. Contact us today for more information!