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Washing equipment is an essential part of the aggregates industry, playing a crucial role in maintaining the quality and value of the materials being processed. So you'll want a wide selection of the components you need for your material processing operation's wash equipment to ensure it's always running as well as it can. Shop our selection of aggregate wash plant parts like coarse and fine material washer flight shoes, aggregate washing paddles, washer paddle tips, and more!

As industry professionals with decades of experience, we want to minimize replacement time and create budget flexibility for our fellow aggregate producers—just let us know how we can help! Don't see the material processing washing plant parts you need listed below? Contact us today and talk to our experienced parts team now!

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Pyramids of material are in the foreground of an aggregate washing plant

Feed System Parts

Feed systems are responsible for delivering raw aggregate materials to the wash plant for processing. Key components in feed systems include feed hoppers, which are storage containers that hold raw materials before they enter the wash plant, and conveyor belts, which transport the aggregate materials from one point to another within the plant. Vibrating feeders, which regulate the flow of materials into the washing equipment, ensuring a consistent and controlled process, are another central aspect of a washing plant, and when you need replacement parts for any of these components, you want the highest quality available on the market.

Washing equipment is in the background with lots of sand in the foreground.

Washing Equipment Parts

The washing equipment includes the machinery responsible for the actual washing and cleaning of the aggregates. Some examples of washing equipment components are log washers, paddle-driven machines that scrub aggregates to remove impurities, rotary scrubbers, large rotating drums that break down and clean aggregates using water and abrasion, and sand screws, spiral classifiers that separate and clean fine sand particles from coarser materials. These parts will get worn over time and require replacement, which is when you will need to get in touch with us to ensure your operation can keep running smoothly!

A rotating part of a washing plant in the foreground.

Classification and Separation Parts

Classification and separation systems sort and separate washed aggregates based on size, shape, or other characteristics. These systems consist of components such as screens, which are devices with mesh or perforated surfaces that separate materials based on size (common types include vibrating screens and trommel screens). Hydrocyclones, or centrifugal devices that separate particles based on size, density, and shape; and classifiers, equipment that sorts materials into different categories, like rake classifiers and spiral classifiers, may become worn down and need replacement after much use. Get in touch with Kemper Equipment today to find the replacement aggregate washer plant parts you need.

The dewatering part of a washing plant.

Dewatering and Water Management

Dewatering and water management systems manage water consumption during the washing process and remove excess water from washed aggregates. Key components in these systems include thickeners, which are settling tanks that allow solids to settle at the bottom, separating them from the water. Filter presses, which are machines that squeeze water out of sludge or slurry to produce a solid cake and clear filtrate, and dewatering screens, screens that remove excess water from washed aggregates through vibration and gravity, are also key components in the washing process. Over time, each one of these parts will require replacement or repair, and when you need a new part, we can help.

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Shop Washer Flight Shoes, Washer Paddle Tips, and More

From coarse material washer flight shoes and washer inner shoes to washing plant lower bearing assemblies, you can meet your operational needs with our part options! We know that finding the correct aggregate washing plant parts can be challenging. When production matters, count on us to get you the precise aggregate parts you need when you need them most!

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At Kemper Equipment, we are an industry leader in designing, manufacturing, and supplying material-handling solutions for aggregates and mineral processing. So, we are ready to supply just about any wash equipment part you may need. Don't see the washing plant parts you need here on the website? Just give us a call or fill out our contact form now. We've got OEM and aftermarket replacement parts for all the best material processing washing plant brands on the market and are happy to help with custom orders.

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