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We're all about your business and helping you run more efficiently to reduce downtime, increase your production and make you more profitable. We sell only top name material handling equipment from companies like Terex MPS, Remco, and Thor, among others. Our commitment to the best products and service yield remarkable results for our customers. Most important, we take time to listen to make sure we're providing solutions specifically tailored to your operation.

Who is Kemper Equipment?

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Meeting Your Specific Needs

Great products. Experience and innovation. Superior service after the sale.

That's our formula for your success when improving your operations, whether replacing parts, a retrofit or completely new system. We've learned a lot over these 35 years. Let us share that knowledge with you.

We Adapt to Your Needs

No one material handling solution will work for everyone. Each has subtleties that make your operation unique. So, we'll work with you to identify and adapt to your needs to make sure your installation checks off all the boxes. Our ultimate goal whether we provide service, parts or equipment is to simplify and improve work processes, increase overall productivity and reduce your production costs.

Consult to Improve Your Business

Our consulting process starts with getting to know your operation. The more we know, the better material handling solutions we can deliver. How much material do you move in a day? What kinds of bulk materials must you move? How clean must the final product be and at what size? What distances and obstacles must be managed? What issues are you currently experiencing that are reducing your productivity?

Create a Custom Plan

Getting answers to these kinds of questions allows us to design and build tailor-made material handling systems to move large volumes of material over land and water where it can be transported by truck, rail or barge. We'll create a plan to develop a streamlined processing plant designed to increase your efficiency and production. We'll also pay attention to potential safety concerns to make sure your operation is a safe work environment.

Find the Solution to Your Problem

Maybe you have some terrain that is preventing you from moving bulk material efficiently. Maybe you're unable to get uniform sizes for your final product. Maybe your operators are struggling with current equipment. Or maybe it's just taking too long to move materials from point A to point B. Whatever the issue, we'll design and build a material handling plant that solves each and every problem.

Provide Quality at a Low Cost

Let's face it. Cost is always a factor. Our goal is to deliver the best material handling solution at a cost that fits your budget. Sometimes that means tweaking your existing system with new parts, recommending leasing options instead of purchasing. It might even mean purchasing used equipment. We'll work with you and your budget to ensure you get a quality solution at a cost you can live with.

Trust Our Expertise

Your operation is special and we get it. We don't apply the same brands and types of equipment and parts to every customer. We specify products designed to meet your specific issues and challenges. If it's not going to improve your output, we're not going to propose it. Our decades of equipment and parts experience combined with innovative design and manufacturing means we get it right the first time, then provide service after the sale to help you achieve production goals.

Rock Crushing Equipment

Crushing Equipment

We offer different types of crushing equipment each designed to meet a specific need relating to the product you're looking to make and how much throughput you need. We'll help you choose from among cone, impact, jaw or gyratory crushing equipment.

Rock Screening Equipment

Screening Equipment

Our screening equipment includes incline, vibrating, and shaker styles along with dewatering screens and feeders. We know which offering will best fit your production needs and budget.

Conveyor Equipment

Conveyor Equipment

It's one of the things we do best. Create a custom conveyor system to take your product over land, roadways and water. Our custom manufactured conveyor systems, radial stackers and telescopic stackers can be combined to take your product almost anywhere. Let Kemper provide the right conveyor system to transport your materials safely and efficiently.

Washing Equipment

Washing Equipment

Sands screws, log washers, washing equipment and wet dust suppression systems play a critical role in your plant operation. They can help deliver the right material size and classification by removing waste like clay, silt, dirt and other debris.

We're here to help.

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