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What is Recycled Asphalt Product and How Does It Work?

Contractors—and customers—are always looking for a way to stay under budget without sacrificing quality. There’s also the matter of minding the environment. Thankfully, there’s an aggregate material that can help reduce waste and provide a cost-effective alternative to pricier materials: recycled asphalt product. Recycled asphalt product explained Recycled asphalt product, or RAP, is simply old … Continue reading What is Recycled Asphalt Product and How Does It Work?

Benefits of Buying OEM Parts Over Aftermarket Products

Adhering to your budget is a foundational skill required to run any operation successfully. When it comes to the parts you use, whether it’s for updating or replacing your current equipment, you want to make sure they hit two key points: The purchase is cost effective and budget friendly The part will help to improve … Continue reading Benefits of Buying OEM Parts Over Aftermarket Products

How to Move Sand Easily

Being able to move sand from an operation to its final destination is imperative to keeping construction companies and other industries supplied with this material. Sand is a very versatile material and is derived from many kinds of rock types, most of which include limestone, feldspar, and silicon dioxide. The uses and differences between each … Continue reading How to Move Sand Easily

Conveyor Systems 101

The first known conveyor system was built in 1795, consisting of leather belts on wooden beds, which were hand cranked by pulleys. Throughout the years, the conveyor system evolved  from wood to plastic surfaces and engines to power the system instead of by hand. What has remained the same with conveyor systems is that they … Continue reading Conveyor Systems 101

Screening Equipment 101

The machine handling industry is a diverse place where each machine has a specific job to do. These machines often work together to produce the end product. In a vast market, it’s not always easy to understand the part each machine plays in the bigger picture. You have to know what it takes to break material … Continue reading Screening Equipment 101

Crushing Equipment 101

Mining, aggregate and mineral processing, recycling, and other material handling plants usually need to reduce the size of their raw materials to create something sellable. Once their raw material is mined, harvested, or collected, it needs to be broken down into something closer to the end-product. This is where crushing equipment comes in. Crushers are … Continue reading Crushing Equipment 101

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